Catch a cold? Cinnamon is the solution!

Catch a cold? Cinnamon is the solution!

Everyone knows cinnamon as a spice in the kitchen. But did you know that cinnamon also brings various health benefits? It turns out that cinnamon can be used to get rid of your cold quicker. How does this work exactly?

thuisarts.nl explains that a cold is caused by a virus that is spread through the droplets of moisture in the exhaled air of an infected person who are then inhaled by another person. When the virus is transmitted, this causes inflammation of the nose, sinus and throat, causing you to catch a cold.

Cinnamon is known for its excellent antioxidant effect, which means it can be used in the treatment of some diseases. Antioxidants can be described as follows: "Substances that prevent oxidation of other compounds or neutralize free radicals". Put more simply; Antioxidants help prevent tissue and cell damage.

Antioxidants therefore have a protective effect on the body. Antioxidants also protect the body against fungi and bacteria. This therefore helps with a cold; the antioxidants protect the body against the virus that causes a cold. That way you can get rid of your cold faster when taking cinnamon.

When using cinnamon for health problems, it is important to take Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon contains the substance coumarin; this is harmful to the liver and kidneys when using large amounts of cinnamon.

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