Cinnamon against high blood pressure

Cinnamon against high blood pressure

Cinnamon consists of various components that have a medicinal effect. This varies from positive effects in the case of a cold to improving the health effects of diabetes. Did you also know that cinnamon has a positive influence on improving high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a common problem in the Netherlands. For example, figures from Public Health and Health Care show that more than 1/3 of Dutch people between 30 and 70 years old suffer from this. There is talk of high blood pressure with an upper pressure of 140 mmHg or higher and an underpressure of 90mmHg or higher. In addition, this group also includes those who have good blood pressure at the time of measurement through the use of blood pressure-lowering medication.

According to the Heart Foundation, high blood pressure is often not noticed because there are usually no complaints. This is dangerous. This means that no action is taken with the result that damage occurs to the heart or other organs. It is often only noticed in the long term or with severe blood pressure. Complaints such as headache, restlessness and nausea occur.

In 2015, pharmacognosy research published a report with a systematic review of the health effects of cinnamon. During the review, five different studies are looked at. It mentions that several studies have discovered a link between cinnamon and its positive effects on high blood pressure.

One of the studies has performed tests on animals. This has shown that cinnamon has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure. No less than three studies, which have also been carried out on humans, have shown that cinnamon has caused a decrease in both the lower and upper pressure. The precise mechanism behind this must still be further explored. In the last study, only a drop in the upper pressure was confirmed.

An important component of cinnamon is polyphenol. Polyphenols are found in plants and have a positive effect on veins, the heart and vessels, among other things. This can be used to explain why cinnamon has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure.

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