Cinnamon as antioxidant supplement
01 Jun

Cinnamon as antioxidant supplement

What are antioxidants?

You might have heard of them already, but what are they exactly? Antioxidants is a collective name for certain vitamins, minerals and active substances from vegetables and fruit. These antioxidants make sure that other substances in our bodies do not oxidise and protect the healthy cells against unwanted processes (source). These unwanted processes are also called free radicals.

The antioxidants combat free radicals in our bodies. What if your body has too little antioxidants and an excess of free radicals? Then you might contract infections. A lack of antioxidants can have many causes:

·         Illnesses

·         Physical or mental stress

·         Not enough nutrients

·         Unhealthy lifestyle

·         Top level sports

Antioxidants in cinnamon

Cinnamon is frequently taken as a supplement because it is rich with Polyphenol antioxidants. These polyphenols play an important role in slowing down the aging process in our bodies by repairing damaged cells and protecting these. Because cinnamon is so rich with antioxidants, this supplement offers a sort of net for multiple ailments. It is not for nothing that cinnamon was dubbed a multifaceted medicinal plant!

Currently, there are multiple ongoing scientific research projects in the effects of cinnamon on the human body. Some of these papers have shown that the high antioxidant levels and other active substances in cinnamon have a positive effect. It is stated that cinnamon could help against the following:

·         Obesity

·         Diabetes

·         Cardiovascular problems

·         Antibacterial

·         Neurological conditions

·         Cholesterol

And there are even scientists researching the effects of cinnamon as a supplement during chemotherapy (source).

Did you know?

Dishes with cinnamon in them will last longer! The antioxidants have the same preservative effect on food as they have on our bodies.

Cinnamon: best antioxidant activities of spices research

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (CNBI) published a scientific paper which measured the antioxidant levels of 26 spices. The results of this research showed that cinnamon scored best in her botanical family: Lauraceae. The paper therefore advised that cinnamon would be a perfect supplement for the commercial market.

Discover all health benefits

Would you like to live healthier? Then try our real Ceylon cinnamon capsules, without the harmful Cumarine substance in them. With a daily dose of 2 to 4 capsules your body will have replenished its oxidant levels!


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Cinnamon as antioxidant supplement

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